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Welcome! You have found the community for one of the most fabulously talently men on the planet, Hugh Panaro. Your mods are Nancy futrbwaystar and Luisa theatre_angel, and Nancy will gladly answer any questions/address any concerns, just drop her an email at changinandhow@gmail.com.

There aren't many rules, but let's just get this over with.
1) Be nice, guys. No one likes meanies.
2) Please keep all posts on topic (Hugh or related to any of his current projects).
3) Have fun!

Hugh will soon begin Lestat as the title character, Lestat, at the Palace Theatre on Broadway. Previews begin on March 11, 2006, and opening night is April 25, 2006. For information about the show, go here.

h e l p m e m a k e t h e m u s i c o f t h e n i g h t

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