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A request from Hugh! [30 Mar 2007|07:16pm]
[ mood | awake ]

On Monday night, I had a chance to chat with Hugh after he performed (adorably) in the Broadway Musicals of 1938 concert. After the show, we recorded a new video greeting for the site (our fourth so far).

And Hugh had a request for everyone!

Well, there you have it...Hugh would like your song suggestions for his solo album. He said his producers aren't interested in any Broadway songs, but he would really welcome all of your ideas for a project that means a great deal to him.

I've set up a special e-mail address at his site so you can send in suggestions and I'll forward them to him. It's songs@hugh-panaro.net

If you want more information on the album...including his past comments on it, please check http://www.hugh-panaro.net/Album.htm

Thanks in advance!


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